Officially: "Republic of Ecuador", is a country located in the northwestern part of South America. Ecuador is bordered by Colombia to the north, south and east by Peru and to the west by the Pacific Ocean. The country has an area of 283,561 km ². In addition to the mainland, Ecuador consists of the archipelago Colon, besides others close to the continent, as Puna Santay, and Isla de la Plata.

Ecuador is located on the earth's equator so its territory is in both hemispheres. Includes two remote spaces together: the northwest mainland of South America with some islands adjacent to the coast and the archipelago or island province of Galapagos, which is located 1000 kilometers from the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean.




Official Location to the 2014 WALC, is located in the province of Manabi, in the Pacific coast. City with broad commercial and touristic growth, and the major fishing port of Ecuador. Manta is visited annually by both foreign and domestic tourists for its magnificent beaches, located in the heart of the city, inviting to rest, with varied shapes where imagination fly to the rhythm of the breeze. Los esteros, Tarqui, el Murciélago, Barbasquillo, Santa Marianita, San Lorenzo are delightful for tourism and adventure.

Manta is known as the main seaport of the country where a major commercial, fishing and touristic activity develops. Its dynamism is expressed in industry and commerce, for its high production of tuna, coffee, tagua, and cocoa, quoted in the global market. Vegetable oil companies and maquiladoras also stand up.

Also there is a first level airport, keeping you near any place of the world.


The city is also recognized by its annual theatre festival, whit performing companies from all over the world.

Manta is touristicly atractive, mainly by its magnificent beaches. This is reflected on the level of the touristic industry, wich can be appreciated by the number and quality of its hotels, bars, restaurants and other services. Some of them near to el Murciélago and Tarqui beaches.

El Murciélago beach, presents a modern scenic pier with restaurants offering every culinary specialty of the region and tipycal beverages. On the las years it has become in a mandatory stop for cruisers going from the caribbean to the pacific. Its waters are adecuated to the practice of aquatic sportslike surf, windsurf, sky, scubadiving, bodyboard y sport fishing.


Manta's weather is desertic and its annual presipitation is about 200 to 250 mm . As usual in the ecuatorian coast, there are two seasons: The rainy one (fron January to a Abpil) the dry one (the rest of the year). On the rainy season Manta gets almost 80% of its annual pluviosity. Its average temperature as any city near the earth's equator is between 27º y 31º Celcius tops y and between 15º y 19ºC as minimal. Its annual precipitation rate its thermic range, evidence the strong thermic anomaly caused by the Humboldt's cold from antartida, wwith a water volume 5 to 6 times the Amazonas river, shapes the weather of the province of Manabí Ecuador's pacific coast, as well the insular region of Galápagos.

For more detailed information on weather please check:

Datos de Interés

  • Region: Costa
  • Province: Manabí
  • Latitude: 0° 57' 0" S
  • Longitude: 80° 44' -1" W
  • Population: 200.000 inhabitants
  • Foundation: March 2, 1534
  • Mayor: Jorge Zambrano
  • Post code: EC130802
  • Phone prefix: (593)-52
  • Currency: U.S. Dollar
  • Main language: Spanish
  • Airport: Eloy Alfaro de Manta
  • Distance to Guayaquil: 190 km. aproximately
  • Distance to Quito: 446 km. aproximately

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