Manta's gastronomy is delicious and one of its main atractions. A wide variety of traditional tropical dishes with fresh seafood are served in the hotels and restaurants in delightful presentations. Don't leave without trying the ceviches made from many products of the sea, or the exquisite viche de pescado, consisting on albacora tuna with peanuts, yuca, grains, and sweet potato.

Aming the most recognized restaurants we have:


  • Gastronomy: Seafood and meats
  • Address: Umiña #2, Mz I, Lote 1, Road to a Barbasquillo, Manta
  • Open at/for: Monday to Saturday from noon to midnight. Open on Sundays when holidays


  • Gastronomy: Spanish, Ecuatorian and Peruvian
  • Address: Street 27 and Av. 35, barrio Umiña, Manta
  • Open at/for: By the nights. Open on Sundays when holidays

Kotona Bistro

  • Gastronomy: Mediterranean, fish and seafood, international, bistro
  • Address: Flavio Reyes Avenue with 31 street, Manta
  • Open at/for: Open at night

Mamma Rosa

Capperi Ristorante

Los 3 Platos

  • Bar / Restaurant
  • Address: Road to Barbasquillo, Umiña Tenis Club, Manta
  • Open at/for: Open at night

Maido Bistro Japonés

  • Gastronomy: Japanese
  • Address: 12 Avenue with 18 street
  • Open at/for: Open at night

Green House Coffe Shop

Picantería El Marino

  • Gastronomy: Seafood
  • Address: Tarqui pier with 110 street, Manta
  • Open at/for: Mornings and afternoons

Lun Fun Gourmet

  • Gastronomy: Chinese, vegetarian, asian fusion, cantonese
  • Address: Av. 11 street 2, LUN FUN hotel
  • Open at/for: Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Las Velas

  • Gastronomy: Seafood
  • Address: Scenic pier, local #18
  • Open at/for:

Dulce y Cremoso

  • Coffeteria and ecuatorian delicacies
  • Address: Flavio Reyes avenue with 6 street
  • Open at/for: Breakfast and lunch

Iguana Bar

  • Gastronomy: Seafood
  • Address: Km 4, Manta-San Mateo road, Piedra Larga beach
  • Open at/for: Morning and afternoon. Its a bar discotheque at night.

Krakatoa Bar Restaurant

  • Gastronomy: American, cajun y criolla, european, mediterranean, international
  • Address: 31 street with Flavio Reyes avenue
  • Open at/for: Afternoon and night

D’ Mare

  • Gastronomy: Ecuatorian and Peruvian
  • Address: Road to a Barbasquillo
  • Open at/for: Dinner


  • Gastronomy: Meat and seafood
  • Address: encirclement s/n Manta
  • Open at/for:

Rincón Criollo

  • Gastronomy: Ecuatorian
  • Address: Flavio Reyes Av. and 20 street
  • Open at/for: Lunch and Dinner

Restaurant Mediterráneo

  • Gastronomy: Spanish
  • Address: Flavio Reyes Av. with 30 street, barrio Umiña.
  • Open at/for: Dinner

Restaurant Malbec

  • Gastronomy: Grilled meats and seafood
  • Address: Barrio Umiña, in front the university citadel.
  • Open at/for: Dinner

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