Manta, enchanting city

Manta is the first touristic, sea and fishing port of Ecuador, very importance for the ecuatorian foreign trade, touristicly charming for its magnificent beaches, at the heart of the city.

Murciélago beach is provided with a good hotel infrastructure, as well as restaurants , bars and clubs , the scenic pier is very popular, tourists are recommended to visit this beautiful zone.

There are many beaches in the surroundings having amazing landscapes: Tarqui beach and Los Esteros, Barbasquillo, Piedra Larga, San Mateo, La Tiñosa, Santa Marianita, Luguiqui, San Lorenzo, Piñas, Santa Rosa and Río Caña.

Manta also has an archaeological museum, where its possible to learn about the culture , customs and traditions .

For those looking to enjoy the nightlife, which is very active thanks to tourism, Manta has the essence. Currently most night clubs are located in the traditional pink zone, from the Flavio Reyes Avenue to Plaza del Sol, near to the MantaHost Hotel, on the road to Barbasquillo. Spacious and luxurious bars, clubs and , best of all, joy and celebration atmosphere. In summary, the nightlife is very active in Manta. Rides in "chivas" and even the "gusanitos" along the Malecon have become traditional .

Music , joy , food, beaches and other attractions make an unforgettable stay in Manta. Live and enjoy most intense experience of nature, adventure sports and nightlife. Discover a city with an unstoppable development.

Following the story in Montecristi

The city of Montecristi, birthplace of the Old Warrior Eloy Alfaro Delgado, is located at 12 Km from Manta, just 10 minutes on the road to Portoviejo.

Montecristi has a temperate-cold microclimate caused by the influence of near mountains, combining an unique ecological landscape in which shrubs and trees stands . Internationally known for being the place of manufacture of straw hats, as well as being home to farmers, fishermen and craftsmen who maintain the century-old tradition of making handicrafts from different kind of woven wicker hats, sisal hammocks , bags, baskets ; among other items. One of the main attractions of Montecristi is Ciudad Alfaro Complex , home of the National Constituent Assembly. Ciudad Alfaro Located in the hill known as El Centinela , from where you can see the city of Montecristi, also the cantons of Manta and Jaramijó.

The architectural complex is comprised of the Mausoleum General Eloy Alfaro Delgado, Multipurpose Building, Building support Luis Vargas Torres and a ludic walk recently opened. Tourists coming to Ciudad Alfaro will find a different landscape that makes it very attractive.

The nature of Piedra Larga Beach

Piedra Larga Beach is located 10 minutes from the city of Manta. It extends for 3 kilometers and is surrounded by mountains with a dry vegetation . It is a beautiful and quiet beach visited by the locals, where you can rest and relax.

Away from the big cities, its beautiful sandy streets and surrounded by the Pacific ocean , is the Piedra Larga beach .The sky is blue and beach is beautiful for the most of year, with a pleasant climate with an average temperature of between 25 º and 29 º C. Here, connecting with nature is really easy.

Piedra Larga Beach is a natural area of outstanding beauty, with crystal clear water and fine sand , which forms a landscape of shades ranging green, white and gray. Piedra Larga Beach offers everything to have a relaxing holiday although it is a small place.

Natural reserve in the Pacoche forest

In the canton of Manta, at 26 km. form this transfer port, its located rain tropical forest of Pacoche. At 30min. from Manta's downtown, road to the coast in the rural zone, its a 190 Km² tropical rain forest area. There is a wide variety of articulated plantations, some introduced by men such as coffee trees, citrics and toquilla grass, others wild like gadua straw, palo santo aromo, laurel, etc.

This beautiful manabitan corner has exuberant vegetation and pure air to breath, getting into nature the visitor will find many vegetal specias like: laurel, guaba, higuerón, caña guagua, paja toquilla, cafetal, etc.

Also to cheer the atmosphere there are animals like: monkeys,rabbits, deers, squirrels, wildcats, foxes and a huge diversity of birds. Local peasnts says that until a few years, there was tigers in the zone. Presence of flora and fauna, gives life to this beautiful landscape.

Surf and glider in Canoa

Its geography is adecuate to fly any type of glider jumping from the cliff above the beach. When flying over the north end of the beach its possible to see a cave where bats and blue-footed alcatrazes live. This cave can ce visites when the tide is low.

Canoa Beach is perfectly designed for surfing on its in big waves . If you can't bring your own surfboard do not worry, you can rent one here, you and your family will have a great time here.

Enjoy an exciting flight over the endless blue sea and the green of the forests will be an unforgettable experience, Canoa Beach offers the opportunity to fly on Delta Wings Paragliding or from various favorable points for this sport as boulders and summits. Accompanied by an specialized team riding a 4x4 the adventure begins.

Another option is to take a ride on horseback, feel the excitement of the horse to enter the water and explore the nearby woods watching the spectacular wildlife that surrounding the area. Exquisite cuisine based on seafood will be a delight to your taste buds. Dare to enjoy the stunning scenery awaiting for you !

The natural charm of San Lorenzo

Located at 28 kilometers from the city of Manta (30 minutes) is a beach with an area of approximately 3 kilometers . It has a wonderful view from the lighthouse, from where you can see the island of la Plata. It is one of the most important and busiest beaches in the region , it is ideal for all kinds of water sports.

San Lorenzo is recognized by domestic and foreign tourists for its tranquility and climate that have made it an option for tourists looking to enjoy a place away from the city. It has an average temperature between 25 º and 29 º Celcius. There are near tourisric attractions such as La Cascada la Piedra Monja, el Palo de limón de Oro, Piedra gorda among others.

San Lorenzo has a very distinctive landscape with rock formations, caves and cliffs. At the top of a mountain, there is the viewpoint of the lighthouse with a wonderful view of the ocean and near beaches. From San Lorenzo is possible to see various rock formations , caves, marine birds.

Playa San Lorenzo is also perfect for those who enjoy ecotourism , as it has a protected zone of 50 hectares, where you can enjoy the untouched nature.

Its a very popular beach among surfers. San Lorenzo is a place with a natural charm, where visitors can hear the sound of the sea, surrounded by an unique beauty.

Paragliding in crucita la bella

Crucita , is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Ecuador. Located in the parish of the same name, at 40 km from Manta This site is the most visited beach destination in Ecuador, mainly because its good climate all year round .

Crucita beach extend over 13 km. with high waves, palm trees, good people and the distant peaks of the mountains, making this an attractive place to as restful haven from the bustle of city life .

It is considered one of the best places for paragliding and delta wing. An international championship take place every year.

Also in Crucita beach is possible to practice fishing, boating, ATV, swimming and volleyball .

Its waters are blue-green and sand is fine-grained. Around the beach you can find palapas, restaurants, walkways, hotels, jetty, cafe and clubs where you can enjoy a nice time with your family or friends.

Its cuisine has variety, using ingredients like seafood, bananas, peanuts, among others.

Pure Life in Los Frailes Beach

Los Frailes is one of the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador, characterized by its natural surroundings, clear waters, stunning landscapes and rock formations. Located inside the Machalilla National Park, at 75 minutes from Manta. In los Frailes you will enjoy swimming on warm waters, hiking or just relax in the beach, enjoying the softness of the white sand the cliffs and the cove.

Weather is characterized by high temperatures averaging between 25 and 29 Celsius degrees, thanks to the sea breeze and low rainfall rate.

Los Frailes is known for its beautiful waters and wide biodiversity, also it has one of the best views of the blue-green waters of the Ecuadorian coast.

It has a privileged location surrounded by natural beauty, with several species of fish and corals, make it ideal for diving. In addition you can perform other activities like water skiing, surfing, windsurfing, volleyball , beach soccer, etc.

You may be witness of one of the most beautiful natural phenomena in the Ecuadorian coasts: the courtship, mating and birth of humpback whales that arriving each year from Antartida in late June and staying there until October.

Santa Marianita

Santa Marianita is located at 20 minutes to the south of the city of Manta, between Cape San Lorenzo and Punta San Mateo, where it forms a 2km cove and 4km beach line in the province of Manabi. It's an open beach, with a cloudless sea horizon. In Santa Marianita you will enjoy warm waters within the tranquility of a sector away from the bustle of the city.

Santa Marianita beach extends about 4km from Punta Cangrejo to Punta Tarima. The climate is one of its main attractions, with an average temperature between 25° and 29° C. It's considered as an ecological beach.

Santa Marianita offers an unique landscape, from the top you can see two elevations known as Punta Cangrejo and Tarima with a completely clear sea horizon where sea gulls, pelicans, and frigates can be see.

Today this beautiful beach is developing its touristic potential, being a privileged place for water sports such as kitesurfing.

Santa Marianita is recognized as synonymous for relaxation and fun. It has a special magic, visitors and residents alike are enchanted by its attractions and natural beauty.

Corazón y Fragatas Island

Corazón y Fragatas wildlife refuge protects two islands and about 800 hectares of mangroves.

One of the most visited attractions are the tunnels running throughout Corazón island below the dense foliage of the mangroves, where we can see from inside an spectacular flora and fauna

Birds are the most important attraction of this wildlife refuge. The visit to this protected area is led by community guides from surrounding areas. Artisanal fishermen and local people develop ecotourism for the benefit of communities. It's a fun experience to be able to visit this natural attraction and to know the secrets they hold .

There are two ways to reach the islands, you can take a motorboat in Caráquez Bay or San Vicente, the 20 minutes travel should be do it with high tide in order to reach the island and be able to go to the mangrove tunnel, one of the most visited attractions.

The main attractions of the place are:

  • Hiking through the Eco trail Isla Corazón
  • Canoe ride , bird watching , frigates colony.
  • Tour to nearby islands to enjoy the sun and beach. Full day to Isla Corazón.
  • Kayak Tour in the mangrove forest and estuary.
  • Bike route in Isla Corazón
  • Isla Corazón + Eco city tour
  • Isla Corazón + Walk to the dry forest

Hacienda San Antonio

Located at 25 kilometers from the city of Manta, to the route of the sun, near the Pacoche rainforest, with 20 acres of comfortable structures, accommodation and restaurants. The visitor will enjoy comfortable sport areas, pool tables, karaoke, horseback riding, zoo with a variety of animals such as parrots, ostriches, geeses and many more exotic species. You can also go hike to the Pacoche rainforest and tour the near beaches. Its climate ranges from 26 º C in winter and 24 º C in summer. Here you will enjoy the natural beauty with absolute peace and without any worries.

The Hacienda San Antonio is located about 10 minutes to the finest beaches: Santa Marianita and San Lorenzo, and about 20 minutes from Playa Murciélago. All these beaches are accessible by car.

La Tiñosa Beach , in its natural state

Rock formations sculpted by wind and tides and its sand brown and pink make it a peaceful place, ideal for photography and meditation , despite being heavily visited, seems as if human hands had never touched this space.

You can walk and find several communities of molluscs, crustaceans and fish in the rocks.

Rock monoliths form around give it a touch of magical mystery and quiet . It is an ideal point for the hiking and enjoy a typical dry forest landscape of the Ecuadorian coast , with bushes , cactus , birds and iguanas.

The beach is quiet and has no houses or shops, yet much of its natural state is preserved. Sun blocker use is recommended and its advised to avoid visit the beach at noon because there is no shade. Be careful at high tide because the waves crash against the rock formations and avoid swimming away from the shore as it is a secluded beach. < / P >

Barbasquillo and its charm

Located to the south of Manta, in Manabí Province , it's a beach with cliffs and a wonderful scenic view. This attractive and beautiful beach that is known for its gentle waves , clear waters and fine chalk sand. It is ideal for various activities such as jet skiing, windsurfing , horseback riding, swimming, playing volleyball or soccer.

Barbasquillo Beach , is one of the finest tourist destinations in the province because its landscapes.

The inhabitants of the beach offer to visitors a part of their history, through their crafts like necklaces, earrings, shell ornaments, beautiful woven baskets dyed in the colors of the region

Waves approach at low altitude of the cliffs, covered in vegetation like candelabra cactus , salado and perlilla. It features a spiny shrub flora, contrasting with small green trees of barbasco .

Water sports are one of the best ways to get in touch with nature and the sea. Barbasquillo Beach is a paradise for nature and adventure lovers.

Playita Mía and its delicious cuisine

This is the ideal destination to see the ancient and prime Manta's craft: fishing. Also a very closely view to the shipbuilding craft, and most important, the restaurants serving seafood just out ocean.

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