Event Location:

  • Laic University "Eloy Alfaro" of Manabí (ULEAM)
  • San Mateo Road, Without Number.
  • Manta, Ecuador.
  • Phone: + 593 984 - 637993
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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General Internacional Coordination

  • Edmundo Vitale (Coordinator)
  • Indyra Araujo (Assistant)

Program Comitee

  • Ermanno Pietrosemoli (Coordinator)
  • Christian O'Flaherty
  • Edmundo Vitale
  • José Domínguez
  • Raúl Echeberría
  • Steven Huter

Local General Coordination

  • Albert Espinal (Coordinator)
  • Marco Ayoví (Dean)
  • José Arteaga (Docent)
  • Verónica Morán (Asistant)

Web Site

  • María Eugenia Hernández
    (Graphic Artist)
  • José Gregorio Block (Web Developer)

International Organising Institution

The Latin American School of Networking (Fundación EsLaRed), it's a nonprofit institution dedicated to promoting information technologies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its main goals are: To develop, promote and publicize IT, training human resources and research in the areas of telecommunications, computing, computers and computer networks in general and their applications. Desing plans on R+D and technology transfer in order to facilitate scientific and technical progress in Latin America and the Caribbean. To this end, the Foundation has the following duties: Perform activities to contribute the development of research and researchers training, such as courses, workshops, seminars, symposia, conferences and national and international conferences. Providing care, advice, assistance, guidance and research to natural or legal persons, public or private, in the areas of telecommunications, computing, computers and computer networks in general.

Local Organising Institution

The Laic University "Eloy Alfaro" of Manabí (ULEAM), was established by Law No.10 published in the Official Gazette No.313 on November 13, 1985 , it is a higher education institution with legal personality under the Ecuador's public law, non-profit, secular, autonomous, democratic, pluralistic, critical and scientific.

The University is based in Manta , one of the top five cities in Ecuador , riverside city to the sea, one of the most important fishing centers of the South Pacific, and great touristic development potential. It is also a city which is projected as a possible future international transfer port. The ULEAM primarily serves the youth of the third province of Ecuador which has a population of over one million two hundred thousand inhabitants.

University Gives to Manta an unquantifiable contribution in order to become it into a city of vigorous development. It is a humanistic University with a clear secular conception of education and the most demanding educational freedom, defining the student as the great actor of it's own training and the teacher as the facilitator of a great professional future. In this context it conceives its academic offering with diversity in mind, in order to meet the different aspirations of young people wishing to pursue a college education, within the understanding that educational processes are dynamic and has to be adjusted to the requirements of the youth and the rapid evolution of the contemporary world.

The University privileges a systematic academic work on training and updating the skills of the teaching personnel, and by one of it's main strengths, ULEAM counts with a very consistent legal framework and regulatory requirements. Tn terms of institutional objectives there is a properly organized and cohesive work involving the governing authorities, academic units and departments, because as the ULEAM president says, a good directive is a good working team.

Track 1: Wireless Networks

Training of participants in the use of tools and techniques for installing...

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Track 2: IPv6 Deployment

Following, a detailed description of the course which will be imparted as...

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Track 3: Network Management

Provide participants with a set of structured theoretical principles on...

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Track 4: Security Informatics

This track will provide the participants with an overview of the...

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Track 5: High Availability and Virtualization

Provide an overview to participants, for acquire theoretical and Practical bases...

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Track 6: Wireless Sensor Networks

In this workshop we will present the use of various low-cost...

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Special thanks to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the support given to WALC and EsLaRed through the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC).